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How to enrol – New families 
Please enrol your child with our childcare system (OWNA) here: 
Enrol your child here 

NB - If you have a child at Arabanoo already, please use the same email address that is linked to your existing OWNA account at Arabanoo. 

2025 Kindergarten starters: 

Waitlist your child here

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AM - $17.50         PM - $27.50
Casual:         AM - $19.50         PM - $31.50

Vacation Care: See relevant booking forms Non-Notification Fee: $12.50
Non-Notification of Activities Fee: $12.50
Hat Hire Laundry Fee: $5.50

Lost Hat Fee: $16.50

Non Sign In Fee: $25

Late Pick Up Fee: First 15 minutes: $30.25 - After 15 minutes, per minute - $1.20

Changes to Vacation Care bookings after the early bird date has passed - $18.15

Debit Success Fees Bank Account per transac
tion - 
Visa/Mastercard calculated on transaction value - 
Amex calculated on transaction value - 
Per failed or returned transaction attempt - 

Fees correct as of 15th November 2022

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