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Vacation Care

Step 1: Check out our program (see below)

Step 2: Enrol here:

Step 3: Book via the OWNA app 
No payment is required at the t
ime of booking  


Summer 2023 2024  Vacation Care program

Please click and complete below:

Mon 18 Dec -  Seniors - Kayaking:*


Tue 16 Jan -  Seniors - Kayaking (if you have done one for 18 Dec you don't need to do another one):*


Wed 17 Jan -  Seniors - Ice Zoo:


Fri 19 Jan -  Seniors - Surfing*

Mon 22 Jan -  Seniors - Stunt Gym


Wed 24 Jan -  Seniors - Treetops


Mon 29  Jan - Seniors - Roller Crew*


Wed 31 Jan - Juniors - Roller Crew*


Wed 31 Jan - Seniors - Ninja Parc

When completing your waiver via Adobe Acrobat, please confirm your email address on the last step.

On days that are fully booked please select the bell icon in the OWNA app.. If a spot becomes  available, you will receive a notification via email.

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