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Vacation Care


Vacation Care booking forms will be available 3/4 weeks prior to the end of the school term. 

 Step 1: Check out our Autumn 2023 program / out mid March 2023

Step 2: Book via the My Family Lounge App
No payment is required at the time of booking.  

New family - How to enrol

Enrol your child here then download the My Family Lounge App


NB - New families


If you have a My Family Lounge log in for another centre (e.g. long day care) please copy the link below into an incognito/private page and sign in using your current log in details.
Select Arabanoo from the company drop down list. 

How to download the My Family Lounge App

Follow this link to download the My Family Lounge App. This will enable you to book in for our vacation care program. 


Program of activities - Autumn 2023 What's on

Out mid March 2023

Waivers - Summer Vacation Care

If you have booked your child into one of the below activities, we require an online waiver to be completed.

Please click and complete below.

When completing your waiver via Adobe Acrobat, please confirm your email address on the last step.

Waitlist - Follow the link below

If any of the vacation care days are indicated red, this means they are full. You can be added to the online waitlist via the link below.
Ensure you complete and form for each child.


Whats On

Terms and Conditions


Booking a vacation care day confirms you have read and agreed to all the following terms and conditions.

Applicant’s declaration and indemnity

I give permission for my child/ren to attend Arabanoo Vacation Care on the dates selected via the My Family lounge App & that all details on the enrolment/medical form are completed and up to date. I understand that incorrect or incomplete information will result in a void enrolment and your child being unable to attend vacation care.

Please read all the sections below outlining the terms and conditions of booking.


1. Risk 
I acknowledge that my child/ren will be exposed to all normal risks that may be associated with this program. In the event of any accident or illness, I authorise Arabanoo staff to obtain such ambulance, medical & hospital assistance as required & agree to meet any & all expenses thereby incurred.


2. Risk Assessment 
A risk assessment has been carried out for each activity & venue, these are available upon request.


3. Signing in/out 

Parents/Carers must accompany children to & from the centre ensuring they sign in and out their children using our childcare software or paper rolls when arriving and departing.


4. Transport 
I give permission that on some excursion days children will be transported to excursions via public transport, self drive mini bus, walking, ferry or hired private driver transport. Each trip's mode of transport is indicated on the What's On form. PLEASE NOTE: On public transport children will not be wearing seat belts unless provided. Walking maps of where we plan to walk the children are provided on request. Please be aware these routes may change last minute due to road works, weather conditions, etc.

5. Transport Seating
NSW child restraint laws suggest that children aged between 4 - 7 years or under 145cm need be seated in a forward facing restraint or booster seat on buses. In accordance to this law please either provide a forward facing restraint or booster seat for your child to use on excursions. If you are providing a restraint clearly label them.

By booking a vacation care day you agree for your child who is under 145cm to travel on self drive mini buses and hired coaches without a forward facing restraint or booster seat.


6. Photos 
I give permission for my child/ren to be photographed by educators and pictures displayed in Arabanoo or used in our marketing material. If you do not wish your child’s photos to be used please contact us.


7. Water Activities 

- On days when we are visiting the beach or swimming pool, you give permission for your child to swim without swimming
aids and under the supervision of Arabanoo staff and the venues staff. 
If swimming at the beach, swimming will be within the caged area*.

- You agree to provide swimming aids e.g. noodle, buoyancy jacket; which you must sign in with an educator upon arriving to the service.

*Sailing - There will be times when children are out of the boat & in open water. All children will be wearing a buoyancy aid.


8. Waivers 
Your booking is not confirmed until all the above online waivers are signed within 24hrs of making your booking.


9. Confirmation
You will receive no confirmation of booking from us. Your confirmation is being able to book via the My Family Lounge App. If a day is successfully booked it will be coloured purple within the app.


10. Cancellations
Please be aware that on days where an outdoor activity is planned and temperatures reach 40 (forty) degrees or higher, or there are poor weather conditions, we will cancel this activity and run an alternative one which will be displayed at the service at drop off or emailed to you if the change is made after drop off.

One of the following will be chosen to replace the days planned activities:

  • Warringah Mall Cinema,

  • Bowling in Dee Why or

  • Rock Climbing in Brookvale.

We reserve the right to cancel a day/activity due to low numbers whereupon you will receive a full refund.

11. Hours of Operation
Hours of care during vacation care are strictly 7.30am to 6pm.


12. Late Fees
Collection of children after 6pm incur a late fee. Please check out our fees here.

Parents/Guardians MUST telephone Arabanoo if they anticipate a late pickup due to unforeseen circumstances.

13. Illness and Injury
If a child is unwell or involved in an accident and unable to join in activities, parents will be contacted to collect the child. In the event of a serious accident, an ambulance will be called. Please see our Administration of Medication Policy 

14. Excursion Day Timings
On excursion days children must arrive at the centre at least 30 (thirty) minutes before the scheduled departure time. If you are running late, please contact the centre so we can arrange an 
alternative drop off.


Departure and return times are posted on the centre entrance door and the What’s On form.

15. Food
Arabanoo is a nut aware centre. Please ensure no products you pack for your child contain nuts. Please check ingredients thoroughly, especially muesli bars .

16. Behaviour
Arabanoo reserves the right to request a child be withdrawn from the centre following consultation with parents, staff and Director in accordance with the policies of the centre.

The Arabanoo Policy and Procedures document is readily available on the sign in/out desk upon request.

17. Fee Payments
Vacation care bookings will only be reserved upon successful payment. Please ensure that your credit card/bank account details are up to date. Please contact us if unsure. A Direct Debit form is completed when enrolling your child. A blank form is available here

18. Cancellations & Absences
Changes or cancellations can be made free of charge up until the date specified on the What's On form. Thereafter no changes or refunds can be made, unless a medical certificate is provided or another family takes your place. In the case of another family taking your spot a $16.50 admin fee will apply for the family giving up the spot. 


19. What to Bring 

Children must bring: 

  • Morning tea

  • Lunch

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Broad Brimmed hat / Bucket hat – Children who don’t have a broad brimmed or bucket hat and are outside in high UV conditions (3 or over), will be provided with an Arabanoo hat. A laundering fee and a lost hat fee applies, please see Fees Policy for more information.

  • Enclosed shoes — Thongs, crocs & sandals are not appropriate or safe footwear during vacation care and may result in your child missing out on activities.

  • Sun smart and practical clothes— No singlets and tops/dresses that don’t cover shoulders. Rain jacket, change of clothes and weather appropriate clothing.

Please label all items. Note that ONLY Afternoon Tea is provided at Arabanoo.


20. Day to Day Activities

Each day will consist of a wide range of activities alongside the advertised activities. These include AFL, basketball, bush play, cooking, craft, cricket, dodgeball, football, floorball, free play, gardening, handball, hair braiding, indoor games, jewellery making, knitting, meditation, music, netball, rugby, scooting, science, skipping, team building, tennis, treasure hunts, water challenge and yoga. For the period of time that children are not on an excursion there will be a variety of activities to choose from available to view on the activity board every morning and Kinderloop.


21. Staff Ratios & Child Attendance

- Our staff ratio is 1 to 15 for onsite activities with a maximum of 145 children. In this example there will be 10 staff on duty.

- Our staff ratio is 1 to 8 for excursions with a maximum of 80 children. In this example there will be 10 staff on duty.

- Our staff ratio is 1 to 5 for in the water excursions with a maximum of 60 children. In this example there will be 12 staff on duty.

As we can’t predict numbers ahead of time, please call the office to find out exact child numbers for each day.

Children are never left alone with one staff member.


22. Child Care Subsidy

For more information contact Centre Link - 136 150


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